Ghajini (2008)

ghajiniI’m not really sure what to say about Ghajini, except that it is definitely not what I was expecting, if I even expected anything. I enjoyed its 184 minutes of a love story wrapped in a revenge-thriller genre masala mash-up that only Bollywood would even try to attempt. The film reads like a rip-off of Memento, with a little bit of the concealed-identity rom-com thrown in for backstory.

Despite all the faulty logic of the film and the nit-picky details one has to suspend disbelief for, I freely gave myself over to this (as one should do when a movie is clearly not based in reality, despite wanting to pretend reality) and liked it a lot. It doesn’t hurt that A.R. Rahman has some good, though recycled, music in this too (I liked “Kaise Mujhe” a lot). Many people find fault with the mindless gaps in logic here, which is valid, but I choose to forgive/ignore them. Even if it is a revision of the original Tamil film (that could have improved upon them), by the original writer-director and with its original, outstanding leading actress.

Aamir Khan is crazy good in this. Being the pseudo-Method actor that he apparently is, Khan trained for a year (plus) to get into ‘shape’ for the plethora of ass-kicking he delivers in this; literally sculpting a muscular, brooding look complete with a shaven head that is miles away from the business world leading-man-in-love that he plays in the flashback scenes (a much more sizable, and perhaps superior, part of the film than I expected). Yes, its a highly stylized, over-the-top performance. But such is the nature of (the majority of) Bollywood. I look forward to watching more of him. I think I might go on a bit of a Bollywood kick soon.



Behold, the many faces of Khan.khan6


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