Intacto (2001)

intactoHere’s another one with an interesting premise: Luck is a commodity. If you are an extremely lucky person (like being the only survivor of a plane crash), someone might find you and try to take you to some sort of secret society type game meet-up where people bet their luck against each other (to win money and, of course, the satisfaction of knowing you are luckier than the losers). And you can steal other people’s luck by taking their photograph, I guess (I didn’t really understand the part in the middle where this takes place).

This movie held my interest, because the premise is so unique. It doesn’t really have much of a story, though. And the one it has doesn’t really make sense (partly because it is not explained, partly because it is not written well enough/I wasn’t paying enough attention).

I didn’t get why there needed to be a police officer character (other than to provide the generic, unneeded suspense of moving from game-to-game quickly), or how she was maybe somehow lucky too, or why she was even in the movie until the end. In the end it all makes a kind of sense that you have to figure out on your own (supplying your own interpretation on what and whom is really “lucky”), but the conclusion really isn’t as satisfying as while you are watching the film  (At least Max Von Sydow gets to show how awesome an actor he is, just by seemingly doing so little).


I guess a lot of movies are like that; a lot better while you are watching them than when they are over. I just kind of expected this movie to be better than that. Maybe it is and I just didn’t see it….which is funny because I actually liked this movie quite a bit. I’m going to predict that a second viewing of the film would probably make me like it even more .


The director, Juan Carlos Fresnadillo, explains in an interview on the DVD that he set out to create a story that is universal across all cultures; that could be set anywhere in the world and have the same story play out. Good for him, but I think the setting and culture this story is placed in seem to be quite inherent to its existence. I can imagine this being, say, a Korean film (instead of Spanish), but it would be totally different in every way. That being said, I am seriously surprised this hasn’t been remade by Hollywood already…

This movie made me think of The Magus and a bit of Sleuth. Though, it couldn’t ever be as good as John Fowles‘ novel of the former, or any version of the latter (ok, well, the Branagh/Pinter version was pretty bad).


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  1. January 21, 2010 at 4:43 pm

    “What does a title mean to you rampage?”

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