Triangle (2009)

I’d like to write more extensively about this movie without spoiling it, but that would be impossible. Without giving anything away, the movie generally concerns a woman (Melissa George) who goes out for an afternoon with some people on a boat and bad. stuff. happens. However, this is not your ordinary horror thriller. The plot, as they say, thickens. If you like movies that don’t give you all the answers, but rather make you come up with your own to fully understand what you’ve seen, stop reading and seek out this movie. If you like movies that dare you to watch them again as soon as they are over, ditto. If I had to give a view-if-you-like recommendation, I would say this is like a cross between Timecrimes and The Shining (on a boat). Even if that does not make sense to you, you are in for a treat.

There is too much to contemplate and none of it matters unless you’ve seen the film. I’ll refrain from writing anything else, unless someone else actually lets me know that they’ve seen it….

Thank you, Christopher Smith, for taking a potentially wonky idea and, like with the coda to your subsequent film Black Death and the ending to your first feature Creep, elevating the purpose of the entire work to a larger context in the end. More horror filmmakers like this, please!


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