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Womb (2010)

Here’s a film that surprised me.
Knowing a bit about it beforehand, but not quite enough is definitely recommended. Known factors: Its lead actors are Eva Green (Bertolucci protege) and Matt Smith (yes, The Doctor). That would be doubly enough for me, but Womb is also classified as a science-fiction film (though only in narrative; there are no futuristic set-pieces or anything of the sort). To provide a minor spoiler, if you must know what the film is “about”: It has to do with effects of human cloning. And the film is not at all concerned with using its subject matter to intrigue you. It is not a film about technology.
I mention this because, despite not being a “sci-fi” film on its face, it brings up more in its staging of events about this topic than I have a seen in any other film of its type that I can think of. It does all of this within the narrative itself, which is to say, there is no expositional dialogue or “lesson” entrenched into the sci-fi aspect. Yet, the film gives you plenty of space in which to contemplate the matter. I won’t say much else about it, except to mention that it is lugubriously slow and quite intentionally blunt in its presentation. From the sea blue-gray color palette to the isolated beach setting that truly does at times look how one of the characters describes it; like “the end of the world”, I was still drawn into the film and the “controversial” situation it puts itself in. I found myself asking all sorts of questions about the ramifications of such a possibility when the film was over, which one assumes is entirely the point. It’s not entirely clear to me if the ending is supposed to be as clear as I saw it, but from what I can tell, remembering the beginning is crucial to understanding a complicated facet of the topic. Man’s influence in natural selection does make for interesting (r)evolution.

Since I don’t like to spoil movies here, that’s about all I have to say at the moment. I would like to apologize to myself for having been lax in my posting, though. I have become part of the Google Image Search results fairly recently, so I present some more stills from this film in the hope that people will find them and seek it out.

featured Short film (9 min)

Blue Shining (Richard Vezina, 2015)

great scene from a great film

Sullivan's Travels (Preston Sturges, 1941)

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